VAT, Tax and PAYE

As part of our Bookkeeping Services we will provide you with all of the information necessary for you to meet your Business Taxation obligations.

If you are VAT Registered - We will provide you with the total value of your quarterly VAT Inputs and Outputs. You just enter these details either on your manual or online returns. This procedure is the same regardless of which VAT Scheme you are using.

If you use our Payroll Service - We will calculate your monthly PAYE and NIC values in time for you to meet the repayment deadlines. Our Payroll Service also includes the preparation of your end of year P35 and P14/60 forms.

Depending on your business structure we will compete either your Corporation Tax or Business Income Tax Returns. You do not have to worry about the various deadlines (and late filing penalties) as we advise or submit these for you well in advance of the due dates.

In fact our Business Taxation Services extend well beyond these basic compliance requirements. Please take the time to review our Business Taxes section, there may well be areas of interest to you.

Please feel free to telephone us on 0844 736 6111 or email  if you would like to discuss your taxation issues.