Advanced Cash Flow Template

CASH IS KING - Most businesses can survive periods of making a loss, but they can only run out of cash once.  

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 The importance of cash flow is all the more important when access to cash is difficult and expensive.  The current 'Credit Crunch'  creates extreme forms of both of these problems. Businesses face the risk of customers running into financial difficulties, which together with the scarcity of cash from non-operational sources, can create serious problems.

A detailed cash flow forecast is now as important as your management accounts. Our advanced CASH FLOW TEMPLATE is ideal for this purpose.  Follow this link for a detailed description and screen shots      
Intuitive and easy to use, it will provide you with an  'at a glance'  overview of your business cash flow and with the additional facility to perform 'what if' scenarios, our cash flow spreadsheet is a must for all businesses.
  •                Opening Monthly Cash Position
  •                Consolidated Monthly Receipts
  •                Consolidated Monthly Payments
  •                Monthly Net Cash Flow
  •                Closing Monthly Cash Position

Covering Sales and Income, Cost of Sales, Overheads, Capital Receipts and Payments

and featuring automatic Credit Terms scheduling, automatic Cost of Sales scheduling, automatic VAT scheduling


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